How did the Carpathia sink?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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On July 17, 1918, RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Carpathia was torpedoed and sunk off the east coast of Ireland by the German submarine U55.

RMS Carpathia, part of the Cunard line, became world famous on April 15, 1912 when she became the rescuer of the estimated 712 survivors of the Titanic disaster. Carpathia had been some 50 nautical miles away and heading in the other direction when she heard the distress call, but Captain Arthur Rostron told his wireless man to tell Titanicthey were coming and raced through deadly ice to try to reach Titanic before she sank.

The story of the rescue itself has some exciting and romantic aspects, especially since there is a mystery about another ship, the Leyland liner SS Californian, which was stopped all night in the ice and whose deck watch may or may not have seen Titanic sail up, strike the ice and sink, all from a distance of only about 5 to 8 miles, which would easily have allowed Californian to likely rescue virtually everyone had she known there was an emergency, which she did not because her wireless (radio) operator had shut down his set and gone to bed. In 1912 the wireless was not required to be monitored around the clock. (Copy and paste into your browser.)

Meanwhile, aboard Carpathia, wireless operator Harold Cotham was also unaware of the fact that Titanic was sinking, but he'd picked up a message from Cape Race on Newfoundland saying the station there had messages for Titanic, so he helpfully keyed off a message to Titanic letting them know that Cape Race had messages for them, and immediately got back a frantic message from Jack Phillips, Titanic's wireless operator, that Titanic was sinking and giving their position. The instant Carpathia's captain, Arthur Rostron, got this news he literally turned around (he was sailing east to Gibraltar) and piled on every ounce of steam, putting out extra lookouts to be able to pound through the same ice field that wrecked Titanic to reach them. Unfortunately, Titanic sank before Rostron and Carpathia could reach her and all they were able to do was pick up the pitifully few people in the boats. More than 1500 people had gone down with the huge ship and drowned or frozen to death.

One of the saddest, most memorable moments occurred when Carpathia returned to New York with the survivors. Everyone expected her to go straight to the Cunard pier, but instead she first stopped at the White Star pier (Titanic's owners), and reverently returned the Titanic lifeboats they'd picked up at sea before proceeding to their own pier to disembark the survivors. It was just the sort of gentlemanly gesture of respect that made Arthur Rostron a household name in 1912. He went on to become Commodore of the Cunard line and was not commanding Carpathia when she was torpedoed.

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Carpathia was part of a convoy when it was torpedoed on July 17, 1918 off the east coast of Ireland by a German submarine.

157 passengers and the surviving crew were rescued by the HMS Snowdrop the following day. The last sighting of Carpathia was at 02:45am, just as the stern section sank.

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Q: How did the Carpathia sink?
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When did the carpatia sink?

The Carpathia sank in 1916.

What ship found the people who lived from the sink of the titanic?

The RMS Carpathia

Name all of the ships that rescued survivors of the Titanic?

No other ship besides the RMS Carpathia came to the rescue. Because, the Titanic sent out SOS' but the Carpathia was the closest. However, the Carpathia was too late to even see the RMS Titanic sink.

What ship came to help the survivors of the titanic?

The RMS Carpathia was the one who rescued the survivors

Did the RMS Carpathia sink?

Yes, it was torpedoed southeast of Ireland and west of the Scilly Isles by a German U Boat on 17th July 1918.

What time did rms carpithia arrive during the sink of the titanic?

The RMS Carpathia did not arrive until after the Titanic completely disappeared under the water.

What is the Carpathia for the Titanic?

The Carpathia picked up the Suvivors from the Titanic

How big was the carpathia?

Carpathia was 540 ft long.

What was the weight of the carpathia?

The RMS Carpathia weighed 13,555 tons.

What was the first ship to reach Titanic after disaster?


It the titanic had not sank when would it had arrived in new york?

If Titanic did not sink, my guess is that that it would have arrived a little earlier than Carpathia did when it reached New York with Titanic's survivors

How long was the Carpathia?

Carpathia was 541 feet (165 m) long.