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The House of Representitives was formed. And still government power was abused.

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Q: How did the Farmers deal with their fear that government power would be abused?
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How did the Framers of the Constitution ensure the power of government would be limited?

The framers of the U.S. Constitution advocated that the power of government would be limited. They ensured this by providing:

Why were the farmers of the Constitution concerned about concentrating government power in one place?

They were afraid that a king would be created and didn’t want to have a king.

Who decides what the farmers would produce on Soviet collectives?

the government

Which central government is in power?

Any central government by definition is in power. If it were not in power it would not be a central government.

what delineates the power of the national government?

The power would be held by the national government

Did federalists believe that farmers would be great leaders in the government?

No they didnt. The they favored business men and merchants. The democrats favored the farmers.

Would you choose a government with a lot of rules and a lot of power or a government with little rules and little power?

A government with little rules and little power

What govermment policies caused backcountry farmers in Virginia to rebel?

The Whiskey Rebellion was a reaction to a new government tax on spirits. After harvest, farmers would distill excess corn that they harvested into whiskey instead of letting it rot. Farmers vehemently opposed this government intervention in their livelihood.

What would people do if their dog was abused?

If someone's dog was abused I think they would tell the humane society or animal control and find out who abused them.

What is a polotical goal for farmers?

Many of the farmers I know don't have what they would call "political goals". They simply want big government to stop interfering in how their farms are run.

Why did farmers want the federal government to use silver money in addition to gold?

They owned silver mines and would get rich when the government bought their silver

Why were states given more power than the federal government?

Then the states would have more power than the national government.