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Hispanic influence can be found all over. It varies from food, clothing and different cultural aspects. To find a specific Hispanic countries influence, research the affects of that specific country.

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Q: How did the Hispanics influence?
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Who did George Lopez influence?

he influenced the Hispanics and many minorities

What are9 things that Hispanics and Americans have in common?

Cultural Influence Language Religion Cuisine Family Friends Media and Entertainment Colleges Cheap toys

What is the ratio of Hispanics in the US?

The answer will depend on what you are trying to compare the number of Hispanics in the US with:the number of non-Hispanics in the USthe number of Hispanics living outside the US.

How does Hispanics influence Alief?

Hispanics have had a significant impact on the cultural fabric of Alief through food, music, language, and traditions. They also contribute to the economy by owning businesses and creating job opportunities. Additionally, their presence has helped make Alief a more diverse and vibrant community.

How many Hispanics are in the senate?

there are 3 Hispanics that are currently in the senate.

What are Hispanics so religious?

"Hispanics so religious" are a Turkish rap group.

Do Hispanics outnumber African Americans?

There are over 60 million Hispanics in the United States. There are about 24 million blacks. The Hispanics will continue to grow as most are Catholics and do not believe in family planning or birth control. The Hispanics are by far the largest minority in this country. There is another 12 million undocumented Hispanics. In 20 years, there will be over 75 million Hispanics and it will be wise to learn Spanish.

What is the percent of Hispanics in the US that don't have jobs?

I can tell you that lots of Hispanics are unemployed.

Which of these groups will make up the largest part of the labor force by 2012?

Black or African American, Hispanics, Asians, White Non-Hispanics

How many Hispanics will be in the US as of 2025?

The number of Hispanics in the US is projected to be around 70 million by 2025, making up about 18% of the total population.

Can Hispanics have freckles?

Yes, some Hispanics can have freckles. Freckles are caused by genetics and sun exposure, so they can appear in individuals of any ethnicity, including Hispanics.

How many Hispanics are in the House of representatives?

there are currently 26 Hispanics in the House of Representatives, and 3 in the Senate