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The Government shall only do the stuffs that will be good for its people and the people will choose the government and if government is not doing right, people have the right to throw the government.

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by being right

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Q: How did the Social Contract influence the Declaration of Independence?
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Shows the decided influence of John Locke and the social contract theory of government?

The Declaration of Independence

The natural rights philosopher who had the greatest influence on the Declaration of Independence with his Social Contract Theory was?

John Locke

John Locke's social contract theory was embodied in?

the declaration of independence

The Declaration of Independence was influence by?

The Enlightenment and John Locke's ideas of natural rights and social contract.

The Declaration of Independence and the Social Contract Theory both arose from which philosoph?


What governmental theory provided the seeds of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution?

Social Contract

The seeds of the Declaration of Independence and the American revolution can be found in who's theory of government?

John Locke famously known as the Father of Liberalism, is equally important to social contract theory. His contributions to the classical republicanism and liberal theory are reflected in American Declaration of Independence.

Which document is closely associated with john Locke's social contract theory government?

declaration of independence

What theory is most closely associated with john lockes?

the social contract theory.

The seeds of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution can be found in this theory of government?

social contract theory

What statement from the Declaration of Independence best reflects the enlightenment idea of the social contract?

Cause they just are

Which concept is central both to the Declaration of Independence and to Social Contract Theory?

The concept of natural rights is central to the Declaration of Independence and Social Contract Theory. This concept means that every person is born with certain rights that are not governed by law and can never be taken away.