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The political systems throughout the world were influenced by the Constitution in many ways. After the constitution was published, many political systems called for reform. Also, a new standard for laws was developed as a result of the new ideas brought forth in the Constitution.

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The United States constitution introduced several new ideas to the world which would change the way governments were to be defined. It defined certain qualifications that each member of the government body must have, as well as the manners of election. The constitution limited the power of governments and gave it to the people, something that had not yet been done yet.

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Q: How did the US Constitution influence the political systems in the contemporary world?
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What are the various reasons why political influence is always distributed unevenly in various political systems?

pluralism is the reason why political influence is distributed unevenly in various political systems as the government and non government use their resources to get what they want

How did the Greek legal traditions contribute to the development contemporary political systems?

by using temples

Which system is Australia's constitution based on?

The constitution draws on many political systems around the world, principally the British and American systems of government.

What is the state the focus of political science?

The state is the main focus of political science, which studies the origin, development, and functions of political systems, including governments, institutions, and policies. Political scientists analyze the state's power structures, decision-making processes, and relationships with citizens and other states to understand how political systems operate and influence society.

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there is no such thing as political economic systems, there are only economic political systems

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Japan has a constitutional republic. Its legal system is based on the German model with Anglo-American influence.

Why is Aristotle called the father of political science?

Aristotle is called the father of political science because he was one of the first to study politics systematically and write about it extensively. His works, such as "Politics" and "Nicomachean Ethics," laid the foundation for the study of political theory and governance. His ideas on topics like citizenship, justice, and political systems have had a lasting influence on the field.

What does political scientist study other than government?

Political scientists study the theory and practice of politics, including political behavior, political systems, international relations, public policy, and the influence of political institutions on society. They may also analyze issues related to public opinion, political communication, and political ideologies.

Baron de montesquieu the spirit of laws?

Baron de Montesquieu's "The Spirit of Laws" is a seminal work in political theory that explores the relationship between political systems, laws, and social structures. Montesquieu's ideas on the separation of powers and the need for checks and balances have had a profound influence on the development of democratic systems around the world. His work has been particularly influential in shaping the structure of governments, including the United States Constitution.

What is the range of contemporary politics?

Contemporary politics have a broad scope on a world wide basis. his is demonstrated by the various forms of country governments. The range of political thought can be summarized by these examples: * voter based political systems where citizens elect public officials to hold elected positions of power and influence; * governments where there is limited voter power in determining public office holders, who can at times use their power to hinder democratic policies; and * governments that do not allow citizens to vote on any issues of substance. Or governments that are either one party types or in some cases dictatorships and kingdoms.

When was African Political Systems created?

African Political Systems was created in 1940.

What were Thomas Hobbes strengths?

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