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Without a political system nation's would not be very orginized and everything would be upside down.

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Q: Why are political systems important?
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What are the types of political economic systems?

there is no such thing as political economic systems, there are only economic political systems

When was African Political Systems created?

African Political Systems was created in 1940.

How many pages does African Political Systems have?

African Political Systems has 302 pages.

What is Donald Smith's religio-political systems?

There are two religio-political systems: Organic and church.

What political belief systems rose from the Great Depression?

The political belief systems that rose from the Great Depression include the Marxist movement. This movement influenced most of the political systems during this period.

It is important to study the political and economic systems of other countries because?

it will help us work with the other people of other countries

What is the proponents of political science?

political theories,systems etc.

What are two different political systems?

Some political systems are Capitalism, Totaltarism, and Communism but there are many more.

Who are the leaders of political systems?

the government

How are economic and political systems related?


When was Systems theory in political science created?

Systems theory in political science emerged in the mid-20th century, particularly in the 1950s and 1960s. It was influenced by the work of scholars such as David Easton and Karl Deutsch, who applied concepts from systems theory to analyze political processes and behavior.

This paragraph best describes which social institution?