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Political Parties

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Q: What is MOST important to generating political movements and creating political messages?
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What were the roles of adults in the political movements?

The role of adults in political movements often involves financing the movements, planning strategy, creating and disseminating information, orgainzing events and rallies, and can even include bringing voters to the polls.

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What four environmental trends are most important in creating a business opportunity?

economic, social, political and technology

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What is important in creating a stable progressive country?

what is important in creating a stable and progrssive country

What is important in creating intelligent public opinion?

Education is important in creating intelligent public opinion.

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To reconfigure a movement, creating multiple or different movements from an initial movement

What is the most important factor in creating a revolution?

The most important factor in creating a revolution is widespread discontent among the population leading to a desire for change. This can be triggered by various social, economic, or political grievances that fuel a collective movement for revolution. Additionally, effective leadership and organization are crucial in mobilizing and sustaining the revolution.

Who is responsible for creating political turmoil in Fiji?

The people of Fiji.

What is the Political impact of tourism in Philippines?

Tourism in the Philippines can have positive political impacts by generating revenue, creating job opportunities, and fostering economic growth. It also has the potential to boost international relations through cultural exchange and diplomatic ties with other countries. Additionally, tourism can contribute to the development and preservation of local communities and heritage sites, enhancing national pride and identity.

Who Are the political leaders of the US who helped in creating its system of government.?

the framers

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