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it gave us great land for a transcontinental railroad and completed the continental U.S
It helped the railroad industry finish the rail road going west. They laid out 15 million dollars for it.

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Paid Mexicans $10 million USD. There was also a threat in the background, Mexico knew that if they didn't sell the territory, the US would start another war agains them. With no choice the money was taken and the territory was stolen, with the excuse that it was purchased.

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It didn't.

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Q: How did the US gain Gadsden Purchase?
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Why did the US make the Gadsden purchase in 1863?

to gain land for a railroad across the continent

Why did the US pay a large price for the Gadsden purchase?

To gain land for a Southern transcontinental railroad

What made the US mainland reach it's present size?

Gadsden Purchase

What territory did the us and Mexico agree on the sale of?

None. The Gadsden purchase was pressured upon Mexico by Gadsden himself.

How many square miles was the Gadsden Purchase?

The Gadsden Purchase was 29,670 square miles that was added to the US in 1853/1854.

When did the us make gadsden purchase from Mexico?


What purchase completed continental US What was the purpose of th purchase?

Gadsden Purchase of 1853

What year was the gadsen purchase acquired?

The Gadsden purchase was made in 1853. The Gadsden Territory was the southern parts of New Mexico and Arizona.

What purchase did the US make in order to build a transcontinental railroad?

The gadsden purchase.

When did the US acquire the Gadsden Purchase?

December 30, 1853

Why did the unites states make the Gadsden purchase in 1853?

to gain land for a railroad across the continent.

Name one us territiory?

Gadsden Purchase, 13 Colonies, Louisiana Purchase