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Blasts of cold air were blow through heated iron to remove impurities. The result was much stronger more workable than steel.

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Q: How did the bessemer process work?
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Who invented the bessemer process?

The bessemer process was invented by Sir Henry Bessemer.

Where was the bessemer steel process invented?

The bessemer process was invented by Sir Henry Bessemer.

What did Henry Bessemer do for the steel industry?

Henry Bessemer developed a way to make steel by melting and burning pig iron. Pig iron is the result of mining and refining iron ore. Before steel, he worked with glass, but his glass making process was not practical.

What did the Bessemer process encourage?

The Bessemer process, developed by British inventor Henry Bessemer, enabled steel to be produced more efficiently

What was a process for making high quality steel efficiently and cheaply?

It was called the Bessemer Process.

Who was responsible for patenting the process for converting iron into steel?

Henry Bessemer

Who invented Steel (Bessemer Process)?

It was invented in 1851 by William Kelly but was was independently invented by Henry Bessemer in 1855 (and Bessemer took out a patent on the process).

Where did the bessemer process take place?

The Bessemer process was the first inexpensive industrial process for the mass-production of steel from molten pig iron. The process is named after its inventor, Henry Bessemer, who took out a patent on the process in 1855.

Inventor of a steel making process?

That would be Henry Bessemer, inventor of the Bessemer Converter which allowed the processing of Steel on an industrial scale. The process involves the removal of impurities (an important factor in Steel manufacture) through oxidation.

What did Henry bessemer do?

Henry Bessemer invented the Bessemer Converter

What role did the bessemer process have on the steel industry?

The Bessemer process decreased the money and labor needed to make steel.

How did the Bessemer process suspension bridges possible?

The Bessemer process produced the lightweight steel needed to build a suspension bridge.