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increase steel production

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Q: Because of the bessemer process the steel industry was able to?
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What industry did the Bessemer process change?

The steel industry.

What role did the bessemer process have on the steel industry?

The Bessemer process decreased the money and labor needed to make steel.

What industry expanded because of the invention of the Bessemer process?

The iron and steel industry. Heavy engineering in general.

The Bessemer Process is a method related to what industry?


What methods of making steel changed the steel industry?

the bessemer process and the open-heart process(:

The steel industry owed much to the inventive genius of?

Henry Bessemer - Bessemer process

Industry affected when Andrew Carnegie brought the bessemer process to us?

It affected the steel and railroad industry. Iron was the main foundation of railroads and when the Bessemer process created massed produced amounts of steel, the railroad industry greatly increased to. The carbon in the iron in the older railroads made the foundation of those railroads brittle and not as sturdy as steel, the steel became an asset to railroad creation. The Bessemer process burns off the carbon in the iron, thus creating steel. This process made steel cheaper, and the people of the steel industry were positively affected because the people in the railroad industry wanted the steel for better rails. The railroad industry was positively affected because now it was safer and stronger. They can earn more money because there are less accidents and can ship more at one time.

What cause the steel industry to boom And why?

what caused the steelmaking industry to boom and why? The steel-making industry boomed mainly because of a new manufacturing technique called the Bessemer steel process. this allowed steel to be produced at a much faster pace allowing the industry to boom. :)

When did Pennsylvania establish the steel industry?

1875 when Andrew Carnegie began producing steel using the Bessemer process

What effect did bessemer process have on American industry?

It made production of steel alot faster and easier

What innovations did the Bessemer process encourage?

The steel industry benefited from the development of the Bessemer process. It was the steel industryâ??s first low cost process for mass production prior to the open hearth furnace. Named after inventor, Henry Bessemer who patented the industrial process. it had been used outside Europe for hundreds of years, just not on an industrial basis.

Where was the bessemer steel process invented?

The bessemer process was invented by Sir Henry Bessemer.