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it developed because the pilgrims came to the Americas, and later rebelled against New England causeing the revoulutionary war

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colonial courts

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Q: How did the colonists begain governing themselves?
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What did those who oppossed that british taxes begain to call themselves after the stamp act?


Why were colonists angered by king George approach to governing them?

The colonists expected to be free from England after the French and Indian War

Why were colonists angered by King George III's approach to governing them?

The colonists expected to be free from England after the French and Indian War

How did the colonists governed themselves?


Was the most important reason that conflict developed between Britain and the American colonists between 1763 and 1774?

Due to the great distance between the colonies and Britain it was hard for Britain to enforce control over the colonists. The colonists got used to essentially governing themselves, so when British rule was more strictly imposed after the 7 Years War (Taxes imposed on the colonists were to try and alleviate the war debt, but led to "No taxation without representation!") the colonists rebelled.

Where did the Industrial Revolution begain in Europe?

where did te industrial revolution begain in europe

Things king george the third has done to colonists?

Taxation without representation, unfair governing.

How did people in south Carolina govern themselves?


How did the colonists viewed themselves in 1774?


How did European colonists view themselves?


What is true about the British approach to colonialism?

Britain wanted colonists to know how to govern themselves. You're welcome -Justin Juarez I love you

How did the colonists image of themselves clash with their status as colonists?

It didn't clash. They were English colonies ruled by an English king and even after the war started they still saw themselves as English.