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the colonists wanted to help defend themselves against Spain

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Q: Why did early Georgia colonists work to maintain good relations with native Americans?
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Which colony was known for it's good relations with Native Americans?

Colonists in Georgia had good relations with Native Americans. They were welcomed by the Yamacraws.

How did colonists in Georgia relate with native Americans?

kylie interacted with the native americans.

What role did Chief Tomochichi play in relationships between the colonists and the Native Americans?

A Yamacraw, he oversaw negotiations between the Creek and the Georgia Colonists.

What was the relationship between Native Americans and the colonists of Georgia?

the relationship between the colonists and Native Americans wasn't very good they didn't like the colonists because they hunted their game, took "their land," and they brought un wanted diseases and plagues from their country.

Who would be selected as colonists of Georgia?

who were able to be selected as a colonists of georgia

What year did colonists found Georgia?

1540 was the year the colonists found Georgia.

When did Georgia obtain its independence from its colonists?

Georgia obtained its independence from its colonists in 1776.

What did Georgia's colonists eat?

Most of Georgia's colonists ate whatever they farmed but made the slaves cook it for them.

Who were the colonists of Georgia?

the English

Who were the first colonists of Georgia?

the English

What were Georgia colonists free from?


Who were the first colonists Georgia?

the English