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The trail from the Appalachian mountains to West of Virginia was narrow and rough. It could be traversed only on horseback or on foot owing to its steepness. This was the Wilderness Road and was used by the early settlers for about fifty years.

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after pioneers continued moving onto Indian lands many banded together in forts to protected themselves

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they used wagons and horses

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Q: How did the early settlers get over the mountains?
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Which of these was a passageway through the Appalachian Mountains for early American settlers?

cumberland gap

In the early 1800s thousands of settlers moved west between what mountains and what river?

The Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi river ,:L<":< ;Lemuel's

What mountain range did the cumberland gap emerge as a passage for early american settlers?

Appalachian Mountains

Which mountain range did the Cumberland Gap emerge as a passage for early American settlers?

Appalachian Mountains.

What did the early settlers call grasslands between the Mississippi River and the Rocky mountains?

Great American desert.

What did the early settlers call the grasslands between the Mississippi river and the rocky mountains?

Great American desert.

Why did most early settlers cross the Appalachian Mountains to reach present day Kentucky and Tennessee?

phone home

What mountain range that runs from georgia to new york made it difficult for early settlers to move west?

the appellation mountains

What products did early settlers of Virginia make?

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What route did most settlers take west of the Appalachian mountains?

what route did the settlers take going west of the appalachian mountains

Who are the Hawaiian settlers?

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What two mountains range influenced migration Patterns in America?

The Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains have influenced migration patterns in America. The Rocky Mountains acted as a natural barrier to westward expansion, while the Appalachian Mountains presented a barrier to early settlers moving westward from the eastern colonies.