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Clemical X in the lab

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Q: How did the girls get powers?
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What super powers does Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls have?

She can fly

What is that show of 5 girls that have powers that was on the cw?

sailor moon

What Animes have girls that have powers?

Some Animes that have girls that have powers are: Tokyo Mew Mew Mermaid Melody (There's a sequel) Power Puff Girls z (Not the cartoon network version) Shakugan No Shana Yumerio Patisserie Sakura Card Captor

Can people get super powers like the Powerpuff Girls z?

Possibly not

Does Harry Styles have a source of powers?

yes, to make girls fall in love with them

What movie has twin girls with powers from necklaces that they got when separated at birth?


Why did the framers believe that separation of powers was important to create?

They wanted to watch mean girls instead

How do you get powers like h20 girls?

Well just go to the mako island and then you will become one

How do 3 girls and a boy turn into mermaids and a merman?

with special powers from the deep blue sea.

Does Charolette turn into a mermaid?

Yes Charolette did turn into a mermaid. But The girls ( cleo, emma, ricki) almost lost their powers but they became strong and defeated charolette and she lost her powers

Do nice little wiccan girls hit at earlobefingerand toenails with the powers of atmospheric Morse and myopalmic body English as opposed to ones that hit at the heart and organs?

Such powers are not real.

Who is Taller RRB or PPG?

The RRB or Roudyruff boys, and the PPG or Powerpuff girls are the same height. The Powerpuff girls is a childrens show about three girls with super powers. They live in the city of Townsville, and help save the day.