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is it because at the time of the enlightenment there was an absolute monarchy? and the citizens didnt agree with many of the things that the government had to do because of the ruler having total control.

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Q: How did the ideas of the Enlightenment affect relationships between citizens and the government?
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What point is Gandhi making about the relationships between a government and its citizens?

The raid, which resulted in much violence and bloodshed, proved to be a turning point in the movement

How does a government between its citizens?


How does government keep order between its citizens?


How does a government keep order between its citizens?


Which Enlightenment writer expressed that government is an agreement between the ruler and the ruled?

John Locke

How did the enlightenment change peoples thinking about the government?

People believed that the government existed as the result of an agreement between the people and their leaders.

What is the relationship between governments and citizens?

Related to the form of governmentAs a consumer of government servicesCan be active (by voting and volunteering) or passive (by believing that nothing is going change anyway so I won't vote)Role in shaping public opinion as an individual and as a part of being a citizen

What is the topic of Article IV of the Constitution?

article IV explains the relationship of the states to one another and to the national government . This article requires each state to give citizens of other states the same rights as its own citizens, addresses the admission of new states, and guarantees that the national government will protect the states.

What type of law is concerned with the relationships between individuals or between individuals and the government which are not criminal?

Public Law.

What form of government was common between Greece and Rome and why was it significant?

Democracy allowed the citizens to participate in government.

As result of the enlightenment how did the people's thinking about their government change?

They believed an agreement must exist between the people and their leaders

How did people's thinking about the government change as a result of the enlightenment?

They believed an agreement must exist between the people and their leaders