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Public Law.

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Q: What type of law is concerned with the relationships between individuals or between individuals and the government which are not criminal?
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Criminal law governs?

Criminal law governs actions that are considered to be illegal and punishable by the government. It sets out the rules and regulations on how individuals must behave in society and defines what constitutes a crime and the penalties for committing one. The purpose of criminal law is to maintain order, protect public safety, and deter criminal behavior.

What law refers to the body of law that regulates the conduct of individuals?

Laws that govern relationships among individuals include family laws, criminal laws as well as personal injury laws. These laws set parameters on what behaviors are appropriate between individuals in different circumstances.

What is a criminal prosecutor?

A criminal prosecutor is a lawyer who represents the government in criminal cases. They are responsible for presenting evidence, arguing the case against the defendant, and seeking a conviction. Prosecutors work with law enforcement to investigate crimes and make decisions regarding charging individuals with criminal offenses.

What is the theme of shottas?

The theme of "Shottas" revolves around crime, violence, and the consequences of living a criminal lifestyle. The film explores the choices made by individuals involved in illegal activities and the impact it has on their lives and relationships.

Is the field of criminology concerned with the control of criminal behaviors or it's causes?

Criminology is concerned with both the control of criminal behavior (through law enforcement and criminal justice systems) and the study of its causes (such as social, psychological, and environmental factors that contribute to criminal behavior). It aims to understand why people commit crimes and how to prevent and address criminal behavior effectively.

In criminal court which side represents the government?

The prosecution represents the government's interest in a criminal proceeding.

What is sociological criminology?

Sociological criminology is a field of study that examines the social factors that contribute to crime and criminal behavior. It focuses on how things like social structures, institutions, and relationships influence individuals to engage in criminal activities. This approach helps to understand crime as a result of societal conditions rather than solely individual characteristics.

Can the government file only criminal charges?

Only the government can file criminal charges. They do not get into civil matters.

Are the parties to a criminal trial the government and the defendant?

Yes, in a criminal trial it is always the government against the defendant.

What is the difference between the SEC and FINRA?

SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission; FINRA - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority; The SEC is a government agency, FINRA is not. They both have regulatory powers. FINRA is mainly concerned with the broker-dealer network and the SEC is the enforcement arm of the government which investigates criminal wrongdoing by companies and individuals involved in the securities business. More detailed information can be found here

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What is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System?

On Nov. 30, 1998, the federal government approved the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a national database containing names of individuals banned from buying weapons, a system required by the Brady Bill.