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Q: In what type of law is the government always the plaintiff?
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What type of law is the government always the plaintiff?

Criminal law

Who initiates the lawsuit?

The person initiating a law suit is called an Appellant.

What is the plaintiff called in Scottish law?

In Scottish law, the plaintiff is typically referred to as the "pursuer" in civil cases.

What do plaintiff law firms do?

They represent the plaintiff in civil cases against the defendant/respondant.

Why do you think civil law requires one party to sue in court before the government gets involved?

The government may only exercise its authority over cases that involve protecting public interest. In civil cases, the public does not have any (objective) interest or benefit in the outcome of the case.When a plaintiff "sues" a defendant, the plaintiff is requesting the government's support or advice, and the plaintiff is signing a contract that they will abide by the judge's ruling.

How do you use plaintiff in a sentence?

A plaintiff is a person who brings an action against another in a court of law

In law what could be the opposite of the plaintiff?


What is the idea that government and its officers are always subject to?

Rule Of Law. :)

Government is never above the law?

Also described as the concept of limited government. Hold that government and its officers are always subject to and never above the law.

A person that pleads in a court of law is called a?


Which type of law is enacted by a government body or agency having the power to make law?

statutory law

Who were the plaitif and defendant?

the "PLAINTIFF" is the person or party that brings suit against the "DEFENDANT." The term "plaintiff" is applicable only when referring to civil lawsuits otherwise (in criminal law) the plaintiff is referred to as the "PROSECUTION."