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statutory law

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Q: Which type of law is enacted by a government body or agency having the power to make law?
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A government in which all power belongs to a central agency?

A government in which all power belongs to a central agency is a monarchy. It is also called a unitary government.

What is a government in which power belongs to a central agency?

Unitary Government

What government agency has power to declare war?

The power to declare war is a power that belongs to Congress.

System of government in which power is held by a single central agency?


What is the basic characteristic of a unitary government?

In a unitary government system, the central government holds most, if not all, of the power. Local or regional governments derive authority from the central government and can be created, abolished, or reorganized by it. This system promotes uniform laws and policies across the entire country.

Which level of government has a responsibility of electricity?

(in the US) No single agency of government controls the outlook and/or distribution of electrical power.

What government power does America have in Mexico?

The Department of State, as the embassies and consulates ( from the US depend upon that government agency.

What was The branches of government provided for in the Constitution were designed to do?

Prevent any one part of government from having too much power.

What government agency regulates nuclear power plants?

The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) regulates nuclear power plants in the US.

What are three ways governments distribute power?

Government distributes power by allowing citizens to vote for representatives, by having Congress make the laws, and by having different agencies handle some of the government functions. The delegation of power to agencies is one of the top ways that government distributes power.

Principle that prohibits government from having absolute power?


In the American system of government who has the power?

The United States having as complex a government as it has, the people have the power through their representatives but no one holds more power than the Constitution.