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The United States having as complex a government as it has, the people have the power through their representatives but no one holds more power than the Constitution.

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Q: In the American system of government who has the power?
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The complexity of the American federal system encourages what?

The complexity of the American federal system encourages separation of power among the three arms of government. It also encourages the sharing of power between the central government and the states.

What are the system of government?

where the power of the government is shared.

Which type of government is power centralized?

A unitary system of government is a type of government where power is centralized. When power is shared between a central government and local governments, this is referred to as a federal system of government.

A system of government in which power rests with the state and national government has some power?


What is a Confederate system of government?

a government without a central power :)

What system of government does the central government have all the power?


What is it called when government divides the power between the federal government and the state governtments?

Federalism. The system that divides power between the national government and the state government is called the "Federal System."

What is a similarity between the parliamentary system of government and the American federal system of government?

They both have an Executive. ;)

Would the North South Democrats or Republicans have unpopularity with Clays American System?

Which one? Law, measurement, government, power distribution, education?

What system of government shares power among central government and states?

A federal system.

Which system gives the most power to the legislative branch?

Theoretically, the legislative branch of government has more power in a Parliamentary system than in a Presidential system of government.

Under the system of power is shifted from the federal to the state government.?

Under new federalism, the system of power is shifted from the federal to the state government.