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it affected religion because some of the thinkers like Rousseau believed in democracy and freedom of religion, and that's how many religions spread.

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A central idea of the Enlightenment was that the truth could be discovered through reason. This led many people to become skeptical about the supernatural.

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Q: How did the spread of enlightenment affect religion?
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How does the enlightenment affect us today?

Enlightenment means belief in the power of human reason and by innovation in politics, religion, and education. Today, the effects of the Enlightenment can be seen in the changes that are proposed and the changes that occur in these areas.

How did the crusades affect the whole world?

Spread of RELIGION and many other ideas :)

How did the spread of religion affect the kingdom of Axum?

By blocking its primary trade routes

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How did the enlightenment affect Latin America?

The enlightenment created the Decleration Right of Men in the French Revolution. Naopoleon over threw the government. It's just like the liberator in the French Revolution. It also spread enlightenment ideas such as Voltare etc..

What did those opposed to enlightenment ideas do to stop the spread of information?

They waged a war of censorship. They banned and burned books and imprisoned writers.

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How did the geography of the religion affect the spread of the olmec culture?

natural barriers made it difficult for the olmecs to expand

What did the governments and churches do during the enlightenment?

During the enlightenment governments and churches tried to stop spread enlightenment ideas

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How did the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment affect the colonial?

The First Great Awakening led to changes in Americans' understanding of God, themselves, the world around them, and religion.

What did enlightenment ideas promote?

the enlightenment promoted new ideas of art, religion, and philosophy