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He ate too much too often.

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Q: How did the world's fattest man get so fat?
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Can the worlds strongest man carry the worlds fattest man?

dude I'm pretty sure that the worldest fattest man would just completely cover the worlds strongest man so i think the answer to this one is a no just because of the akwardness and the balance of the fat man on the super strong one

How did the fattest man on earth get so fat?

He ate a lot of mcdonalds and twinkies and kids!!!

Is Caitlin fat?

no eva is the fattest person alive and so is abdul yasin

What is the fattset animal in the world?

you mean what was the fattest animal in the world? by the way i don't consider animals fat but if you say so the ''fattest" animal in the world is the elephant.

Why do you think that its important to be fit?

So you won't be FAT, so you can move around. You don't want to be the fattest man in the world do you? Gosh start getting fit right now get an 8 pack like me.

Who is the second fattest man?

Just in case, its completely unknown. Any undiscovered simple person in this large world could be the second fattest. That's one person out of billions, that someone would have to find and discover and make famous so everyone knew. But eventually, that person may die of a heart attack and some other really fat person will beat that man's weight record. I'd be suprised if you found an exact answer. In fact, to be sure that its the second fattest man, someone would have to spend their whole life weighing a small fraction of fat men in this world.

Is there a picture of the worlds fattest cat?

know one knows, because they stopped keeping track, because people were forcefeeding their cats. but to let you know my cat weighs 39.8 pounds and i know that the worlds fattest cat weighs way more than that. and DO NOT go on Google images and look at pictures because people photo shop most of them so their not real. The worlds fattest cat is Lewis Vincent from leeds

How fat a dog can get?

the fattest dog in the world weighs 482 pounds so thats probably around how fat a dog can get. it mainly depends on he age of the dog, the height, and the breed.

Any good fat jokes?

That man is so fat, he makes footprints in concrete you are so fat you got baptized at sea world that man is so fat, on his scales it said 'to be continued' that woman is so fat, she bleeds strawberry sauce that man is so fat, people jog round him for exercise that woman s so fat , her belly button makes an echo that man is so fat, his cereal come with a lifeguard. i hope there are enough jokes here!

How much does the worlds fattest adolescent weigh?

350 pounds. and shes black, and shes in fifth grade at Carroll peak elementary in forth worth, so, if you want her go get her. :)

Why Faizan so thin?

Aha Faizan is so fat fat fat man. Seriously. He's enormous and of epic proportions

How much does the fattest rabbit weigh?

The fattest rabbit ever weigh so far was 22 lbs.