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The cotton gin sped up the process of separating cotton fibers from the seeds making the South more dependent on the cotton industry and therefore slave labor.

The steam engine improved mining and shipping, and with it, people were able to invent the spinning mill, a machine that made the mass production of cloth a possibility. It also led to the invention of the steam locomotive and later versions of the locomotive, which increased the efficiency of land transportation.

Electricity enabled the lightbulb, eliminating the need for candles, and allowing for later inventions, such as the refrigerator and radio.

The telegraph and telephone were both invented in the 19 century, and they improved the speed and efficiency of communication.

The rifle increased the rate of fire in a gun, and wars of the 19th and 20th century have therefore caused more casualties.

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The inventions in the late 19th century changed the way people work is by making their lifes easier, For example: electricity, light bulbs made it safe to have then candles.

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the inventions speeded up transportation and other methods of getting around and communication

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It made items cheaper and helped people communicate,travel and live better.

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this answer is dumb

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Q: How did various inventions affect the daily lives of 19th century people in industrialized nations?
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