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It varies from state to state. Some states use names from the rolls of eligible voters; others use names from the state DMV drivers permit files.

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(in the US) They don't. Depending on the state, jurors are picked either from the pool of registered voters, or the DMV drivers license files.

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It depends on the laws of the individual states. Some will pick random registered voters, and others pick random people who are registered for a driver license.

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Q: How do government officials draw up lists of prospective jurors?
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How are jurors picked?

The jury pool is first selected from among the community using voter registrations and driver license/state ID renewals. From those lists, people receive a summons. Prospective jurors are randomly selected to sit in the jury box. At this stage they will be questioned in court by the attorneys for the defense and the prosecution.

What is Master jury list?

A master jury list is a compilation of potential jurors' names and contact information within a specific jurisdiction. It is used by courts to summon individuals for jury duty and ensure a fair and impartial selection process. The list is typically generated from various sources, such as voter registration lists, driver's license records, and other databases.

Where are jurors names selected from?

US Answer: Various places including the voter registration rolls, property assessors rolls, and others. In my part of the country, a judge, not finding suitable jurors, may direct the Sheriff of the county, go into the streets, and take custody of any eligible person and forcibly bring them into the court room to sit on a jury.

How did the Athenian jury system differ from the US jury system?

The Athenian jury system selected jurors randomly from a pool of volunteers, while the US jury system selects jurors from voter registration or drivers license lists. In Athens, the jury size could be up to 501 citizens, while in the US, a standard jury size is 12. Additionally, in Athens, jurors voted by placing a token in one of two urns, whereas in the US, jurors deliberate and reach a consensus verdict.

What are the activities that involve jurors before the trial?

Jurors aren't referred to as "jurors" until the are empanelled for a trial. Up until that time they are PROSPECTIVE JURORS or, MEMBERS OF THE JURY POOL. They are chosen at random from (depending on the state) the voter registration lists or drivers' license lists of their states and sent summonses to appear for jury service. When a jury is needed for a trial several dozen will be selected (again, at random) and those will undergo a process known as VOIRE DIRE, where they are questioned by the defense and prosecution/plaintiff attorneys in an effort to weed out those they think may be the best candidates to hear their case. After that process is complete, both attorneys approach the judge and make their selections. Once the correct number is seated for that particular trial the un-selected group returns to the jury assembly room for possible calls for service in other case. The ones chosen (the number can vary according to the type of trial and state statute) and they are then sworn in by the presiding judge and they THEN become the JURY for that particular case.

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