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Nomads usually follow herds of animals which they rely on for food, clothing, warmth, and many other things. They can also be driven from an area by drought or natural disaster.

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Q: How do nomads decide where to go?
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What are people called when they go to place to place?


What is nomads and caravan?

a caravan is a group of people who go from city to city and trade goods and nomads are people who move around and have no permanent home or shelter.

What is the synonym and antonym for nomads?

A synonym for nomads is wanderer. An antonym for nomads is homebodies.

Where are the nomads now?

Nomads are in america

What are Kenyan nomads called?

Nomads One tribe of Kenyan nomads is called Masai.

When was Nomads R.F.C. created?

Nomads R.F.C. was created in 1989.

Who did pastoral nomads fought with?

The pastoral nomads fought with the fellow pastoral nomads who were cattle rustlers.

How are pastoral nomads different from true nomads?

can't u hear it in the name? difference=ones called pastoral nomads and the other true nomads

Were Inca nomads living in temporary homes?

they were not nomads.

What is an example of a sentence using the word nomads?

The nomads traveled across the vast desert with their camels in search of new grazing grounds for their livestock.

Where do Nomads live when they settle down?

If they are nomads, they usually arent going to settle down. Or they wouldnt be called Nomads! :)

Why did the nomads go to North America?

Mostly because they could and they were following the animals they traditionally hunted.