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There are many differences, here I will mention what I deem to be the most important:

Presidential :1) In a Presidential System the President is both Head of State and Head of Government. Presidents under this system almost always have the most power. 2) In a Presidential System there is a (more often than not) complete separation of powers. 3)The President usually relies on a popular mandate (elections) and not the confidence of the legislature to gain and/or hold onto power. 4) Legislative terms are fixed, a legislature in a Presidential system can't be dissolved

Parliamentary: 1) In a Parliamentary system there is a complete separation btwn the Head of State (Monarch or President) and the Head of Government (Prime Minister or Chancellor) . 2) In a Parliamentary system the Head of Government usually holds the most power the Head of State may hold some emergency powers and also gives laws the final approval. 3) Separation of powers are blurred in Parliamentary systems (example: The Govt of the UK is formed of members of parliament) 4) The Government must hold the confidence of the legislature to continue its mandate of governing (simply put the Prime Ministers party or coalition must hold a majority in the legislature). 5) Parliamentary systems do not have a fixed term usually only a maximum number of years, if the legislature finds no confidence of the government of the day then the legislature may be dissolved and new elections held)

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In the US Presidential system the President is the executive leader. He is voted by the people or by elected body directly. Where as in the Parliamentary system the legislative branch elects the Prime Minister and if the Parliament can cast a vote of no confidence and replace him if they do not like him.

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differ in the way each elects its leader

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Q: How do parliamentary systems differ from US presidential systems?
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What is the difference between parliament and presidential government?

Parliamentary System has a Presiden/Monarch as a Head of State and a Prime Minister/chancellor as the Head of Government. The legislature may be dissolved for new elections most of the time it is the lower house. In a Presidential systems the President is both the Head of State and Government. The terms of the President and Legislative branches are fixed so they can not be dissolve for new elections. This is not complete list but you get the idea

What two systems are used by the US?

Federal System and Presidential Democracy

What two government systems are used by the US?

Federal System and Presidential Democracy

How does the US legislature differ from parliamentary legislatures?

The difference between a parliamentary legislature and the the US legislature is primarily the separation of powers. In a parliamentary legislature, the head of the executive (Prime Minister) is also a member of parliament, whereas in the US the President cannot be a member of Congress.

How are the systems of governmentin the us and Mexico alike?

Both are federal presidential representative republics.

What are two ways in which political parties in the US differ from other western countries?

There are several ways that the political parties in the United States differ from other Western countries: A. A sharp difference is that many Western nations have a parliamentary system of government. This results in voting almost 100% of the time with party dictates; and B. In the USA, the political parties can often cross party lines and side with the opposing party. For the most part there is no strict party line voting as in most parliamentary systems.

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No. Mexico and the United States are federal presidential representative republics, while Canada is a federal parliamentary monarchy, dependent on the British Crown.

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In North America, Canada and its Provinces are parliamentary democracies.