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Well to start off a lot of beliefs comes from their parents. They either want to be totally the same with their parents or exact opposite. Political opinions are also based off how people feel and have been treated and their personality. Obviously not everyone will agree on one thing. That is a major reason we have different political groups.

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Q: How do people form their political opinions?
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What is political diversity?

Political diversity is the different political opinions that people have. It is allowing people the right of having different political opinions and outlooks.

How are political opinions and attitude form?

through political socialization!!

What are American political beliefs and opinions?

No statement of political beliefs and opinions of 325 million people (Americans) can be true.Any statement of political beliefs and opinions will be true for some people (Americans).

The term political socialization can be defined as what?

Process by which people formulate their political attitudes and opinions.

A group of people who share similar ideas about Government?

If the group of like minded people with regards to political opinions, they could form a political party. Most of the time, however, they can be describes as "public interest groups".

The process by which individuals learn a set of political attitudes and form opinions about social issues is known as?

Political Socialization

What is Multi step communication model?

The multi-step theory suggests most people form opinions based upon the influence and opinion of leaders. An example of this are political opinions infiltrated to the public by the media.

What are some criticisms of political opinion?

1. That people's political opinions are many times based off of public opinion. 2. That people don't think through their political opinions thoroughly. 3. That there is a great division in the average political opinion.

Why can't people form their own opinions?

There are so many reasons as to why can't people form their own opinions. This is mainly as a result of other strong factors that influence the opinions of most people.

What do people do when they art critique?

A.They discuss and form opinions about artworks.

Is the beliefs and opinions people share about government and their relation to it?

Political culture

Political socialization refers to?

the process by which an individual's political opinions are shaped by other people and the surrounding culture