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Political parties do the bidding of those who pay for them. They often need to get people to vote for them in which case they try to get votes so they can hold power and put in the laws those funding them desire.

It has always been that to some extent but in the past political parties were often created by the people to address issues of inequality or to advance a political belief. That is the history of the NDP, a Western based party meant to advance the causes of Western Canadians. Something they are clearly far from today as they hold many anti-Western Canadian beliefs but beliefs well supported by those that fund them today.

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by shooting their opposition

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Q: How do political parties achieve their aim?
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What is the major difference between the political parties and the pressure groups?

The objective of political parties is to attain power and form the government, whereas the aim of pressure groups is only to influence the decision-making of the government

Which institution developed outside the limits of the written constitution of the United states?

Political Parties.

What is political conflict?

a disagreement between different political parties or between the governing bodies escalated by competition at any level between groups whose aim is to get political gain

Why do political parties differ sharply over the separate electorates?

Political parties want to set themselves apart so that they are easily recognizable by the public. To achieve this, they often take extreme positions to one side of an issue.

Types of political parties?

Political parties usually have their basis in shared political ideologies and objectives. In the United States the two major political parties are the Republican and Democrat parties.

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Romania has many political parties.

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There are literally hundreds of political parties.

What is the aim of political partys?

Each party have specific goals which can be found in writing on line or in their handout materials. These ideas or beliefs are called the Party Platform. One major goal of any party is to win elections.

How many political parties does Israel have?

Israel has numerous political parties. Currently in the Israeli Knesset there are 12 political parties.

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Their are 37 Political Parties in Nigeria <BrItTaNy:)>

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