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Representatives get their offices when the people take a vote and chose a person to "represent" them

So, when they get voted into office is when the "come" into office

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Q: How do representatives get their offices?
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What two offices are part of the legislative branch?

The Senate and the House of Representatives

How often are the representatives senator and president offices elected?

Representatives have a 2-year term, president is 4, and senate is 6.

Where do the member of the House of Representatives live?

They live in offices in Washington D.C. much of the year, then go back to regional offices in the off-season.

Where are decisions on the house officers actually made?

The decisions about officers in the House of Representatives are made in the party caucus offices. These are usually near the partly leaders' offices.

Can the retired us president hold other offices?

YesJohn Quincy Adams served in the House of Representatives 1830-46.

What branch of government establishes post offices?

The Legislative Branch of government has the power to establish Post Offices. Congress makes up the Legislative Branch and include both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The capitol building provides a place for which two groups to meet?

The capitol building provides a place for the Senate and House of Representatives to meet. There are also rooms for private meetings and rooms for offices for the Senators and Representatives.

If the offices of both the president and vice president became vacant at the same time, the next in line for the presidency is the?

The Speaker of the House of Representatives

What three offices made up Virginia's representative government?

It consists of a governor, a governor's counciil, and elected representatives from each settlement in Virginia.

What political offices are there at the state level?

Every state has elected officials consisting of the governor of the state and state representatives. If we move further down to the local level , there are district representatives and mayors if the area is incorporated. Note, the state senators and state representatives are technically are dichotomous positions in that they serve both a state interest and at the federal level.

Are senators and representatives terms unlimited?

Not in the United States they aren't: they have fixed terms. There are different rules in different places: in Ancient Rome, senators did hold offices for their lifetimes.

What is one of the Houses of Parliament?

In Australia the houses of Parliament are The House of Representatives, and the Senate. :)