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The decisions about officers in the House of Representatives are made in the party caucus offices. These are usually near the partly leaders' offices.

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Q: Where are decisions on the house officers actually made?
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How are decisions made in parlament?

It has to pass through both houses. The lower house and the senate.

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What Allows congress to check on laws made or to be made?

the constitution the purpose is for check and balance... to check the house of representatives... and the house checks them in turn... to be sure that no ONE group is making all the decisions.

Different conditions under which decisions are made?

the conditions that decisions are made

What is a two house parliament?

A two house Parliament is made up of two distinctly different houses For example in Australia the federal government is made up of the house of representatives (the lower house) which is made up of members that come from all over the nation and represents their local electorate. To balance this out they have the senate( the upper house) which looks after states interests and is voter for by everyone in the state. Decisions made by the lower house have to be passed by the upper house to become law.

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Decisions were made by a majority vote in a state.

What is Congress?

The Senate and the House of Representatives

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