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Applying for Section 8 Housing Assistance

  • You should first go to your county's housing authority agency to find out about how you and your family may qualify for the Section 8 Program regulated under the federal government's HUD organization. There you can also find out where your local HA agency is located. So, to find out all the information you need about Section 8, go to
  • To apply for public housing or Housing Choice (Section 8) vouchers, you will need to visit your local public housing authority.
  • The housing authority may have long waiting lists, so you may want to apply at more than one public housing authority.

NOTE: There is no cost to apply for Section 8 and you should not provide your debit card or any other information to an online resource.

[This is from HUD's page of Renting Information]

  • You apply for section 8 at the housing authority in the county of which you want to live. There is generally always a waiting list and it is important to always keep your address current on the application. Housing Authority addresses and phone numbers should be listed in your telephone book under county government. For example Jackson County Housing Authority. You may try going the the complex you want to live and they will submit the section 8 papers for you.
  • Contact your local HUD office (Housing & Urban Development) directly. It would be listed in the federal government pages typically of your local phone book.
  • Try locating your nearest Housing Authority they should be able to help you get an application or even tell you if the list is even open.
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You can apply through your local Social Security office. You can also apply through your local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) office.

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go on Google search your food stamp location at your city and apply at their site.

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Q: How do you apply for section 8 housing assistance?
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Who started Section 8 housing?

The section 8 program derived from a federal law which was added in 1935 as a result of the Great Depression. It is actually considered section 8 of title 24, article 982 of the Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, a federal agency which was created as a result of this law. Obviously the law was created by Congress.

Who is approved for a Section 8 Voucher?

Theoretically anyone can be approved for a section 8 voucher. Generally there is a limit on your income, and you must also qualify for section 8. For example, you must be a US citizen or legal resident of the United States; must not have any violent felony records; must not be a registered sex offender; must not be convicted of public assistance fraud or any other crime which involved the section 8 program; and you must not have been evicted from a public housing unit or from any other unit you rented under the voucher program. You must also not have a substance abuse, including alcohol abuse, problem unless you can demonstrate that you have been to or are receiving substance abuse treatment. Finally, you must not have a history of abusing the housing choice voucher or public housing program, such as by allowing anyone to live there without approval.

What does Article 2 Section 8 of US Constitution provide?

There is no Article 2 Section 8

Does section 8 still exist?

section 8 still exist but during our hard time its not easy getting into

What does article 1 section 8 list of the constitution?

Article 1, Section 8 lists the expressed powers of Congress.

Related questions

currently live in an apartment that accepts section eight how do i apply for assistance?

You should call your local housing authority to apply for section 8.

Who does one ask to help apply for section 8 housing assistance?

Local public housing authorities are responsible for approving applications for Section 8 housing assistance. Proper identification and proof of income, along with a completed application will be required for applicants.

How can I apply for the Section 8 program, which offers housing assistance to low-income individuals or families?

One can apply for the Section 8 program online. Many websites offer the ability to apply to the Section 8 program. Such websites include,, TulsaHousing, and WelfareApply.

What are some of the requirements for section 8 housing?

If your income falls below 50% of the median income in the area in which you live then you may qualify for Section 8 housing assistance. To apply, visit the nearest HUD office to you.

Can a person on disability apply for Section 8 If so, where can they apply Thank you, Dorothy?

County of Orange offers Rental Housing Assistance Section 8Orlando, FL- (407) 836-5142

how can i do section housing myself?

It is relatively to to become a section 8 landlord. You can apply to through your local HUD housing authority or apply through a section 8 participant.

When you apply for section 8 housing is there a physical section 8 housing list?

Yes, there is a physical section 8 housing list when you apply. You can read more information at

If you own a home can you get a section 8 to help with the payment?

Yes, as a homeowner, you can still apply for Section 8 assistance to help with mortgage payments. However, the program is typically designed for low-income renters, so eligibility criteria may vary for homeowners. It's best to contact the local public housing agency for more information on applying for Section 8 assistance as a homeowner.

How do i apply for housing assistance in whitewater, wi?

apply at City of Madison Housing Operations: Section 8 Waiting List 215 Martin Luther King Jr #318, Madison, WI - (608) 266-4675

Which division of the department for housing and urban development pays rental assistance for those who qualify for programs such as section 8 housing?

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program provides rental assistance for those who qualify for programs such as section 8 housing.

How old do you have to be to receive section 8?

18 and up. There is no upper age limit

How do I apply for Section 8 Housing in Washington County?

Check with you local Housing Authority there.