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Theoretically anyone can be approved for a section 8 voucher. Generally there is a limit on your income, and you must also qualify for section 8. For example, you must be a US citizen or legal resident of the United States; must not have any violent felony records; must not be a registered sex offender; must not be convicted of public assistance fraud or any other crime which involved the section 8 program; and you must not have been evicted from a public housing unit or from any other unit you rented under the voucher program. You must also not have a substance abuse, including alcohol abuse, problem unless you can demonstrate that you have been to or are receiving substance abuse treatment. Finally, you must not have a history of abusing the housing choice voucher or public housing program, such as by allowing anyone to live there without approval.

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The section 8 discharge, was used when a service man was deemed mentally unfit for military service.

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"Section 8" is an old World War II term--it comes from Section VIII of Army Regulation 615-360, which was the enlisted discharge regulation. In Today's Modern Action Army, psychological discharges are handled under the Medical Discharge regulations.

Section 8 discharges didn't just get handed out to people who were mentally unsuited for service; this was how they got rid of sexual misconduct cases they couldn't or didn't want to court-martial. (Most gay guys got thrown out under Section 8.)

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Q: Who is approved for a Section 8 Voucher?
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How do you go from Section 8 apartments to getting a Section 8 Voucher?

when your living in your section 8 apartment, you can ask to be on wait list for section 8 voucher.

When does your section 8 voucher expire?

Section 8 vouchers typically do not have an expiration date. Once you are approved for the voucher, it is usually active until you are able to find suitable housing and the housing authority conducts annual re-certifications to ensure continued eligibility. It is important to comply with program requirements to maintain the voucher.

How do you port your section 8 voucher?

section 8 housing

When a section 8 participant dies can the section 8 voucher pass down to the child?

Yes it can if the child is 18 or older and they were on the voucher.

How much is a 2 bedroom voucher in Tracy ca Section 8?

How much section 8 voucher in Tracy ca

How do you get section 42?

Get a section 8 voucher six times.

Is an enhanced voucher the same as a section 8 voucher?

An enhanced voucher would mean one that was given for a special reason or purpose. They're the same as Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)

How much is a section 8 voucher for in Palmdale Ca?

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If a husband dies on section 8 can wife get section 8?

Yes! As long as she is on the lease. This is known as a voucher inheritence. Any family member who lived in the house -- and was on the lease-- when the voucher holder dies can have the voucher transferred to that family member.

Can I use my section 8 voucher on brothers house?

In most cases, Section 8 vouchers can only be used for housing arrangements that are approved by the local housing authority. If your brother's house meets the criteria set by the housing authority, it may be possible to use your voucher. However, it's important to check with your housing authority beforehand to confirm eligibility.

How can i tell if a duplex is section 8?

A Section 8 voucher can be used for any unit that the housing authority will approve.

I have a Section8 voucher for $1100 for a 2br, can I use this voucher if I find a 3br at the same price?

You would have to use a section 8 voucher for what it is specific for.