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I believe most family courts allow mediation where the people can decide what they want to agree on without a judge, as long as it isn't unreasonable they will allow it. If you are past that stage already you can just ask the judge to allow it and they probably will.

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Q: How do you cancel a family court trial?
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When does the sumpreme court meet for child custody cases?

Child custody cases are heard in the family court division of the state trial courts.

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A trial court is the court of original jurisdiction.

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Can you video and audio tape a family court trial in Wisconsin?

Most court proceedings are recorded by the court for record keeping purposes. Family proceedings are by their nature, private affairs and frequently involving children. For that reason, family court proceedings cannot be recorded by any unauthorized person whether in Wisconsin or elsewhere.

What happens if the judges on court of appeals decide a trial was unfair?

Actually a court of appeals cannot decide that. A court of appeals can only decide whether or not the trial court correctly followed procedures and existing legal precedence. It is entirely possible for procedures and legal precedence to be completely unfair (they have been many times) but if the trial court properly followed them, the court of appeals must support the trial court's decision. If the court of appeals decides that the trial court failed to follow procedures and/or existing legal precedent, then the case must be retried in a trial court.

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Supreme courtregional trial courtmetropolitan trial courtmunicipal trial courtintermediate appelate court (formerly court of appeals)ombudsman (tanod bayan)sandiganbayan

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