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I am dealing with the same problem- I don't know if i should quit a club i have been involved in- deeply involved in- for the past six years. My best friend in it quit, and i have reached a set of questions debating if i should do the same.

1. How will your decision affect your daily life and emotions?

2. How will your decision affect others? This is a big question- when my friend quit, i cried for three days because i couldn't imagine doing this without her.

3. Why do you want to quit?

4. Are you thinking of rejoining again later? It is sometimes difficult to rejoin something.

5. What are the aspects of the club that you like? Dislike? If one outweighs the other, make sure to consider it in your choice, but don't depend only on that.

I hope this helps you. For me, i still have no idea what to do.

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Q: How do you decide whether to quit something like a club or not?
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