How do you get the Aadhar Card Status Online?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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After the successful verification of your details by UIDAI - Unique Identification Authority of India, you will get an acknowledgement on your registered mobile or email ID.

After receiving the acknowledgement, you can easily download the copy of duplicate AADHAAR card online with the help of credentials given on the acknowledgement slip given to you at the center at the time of enrolment.

You don't have to wait for the original Aadhar card to be delivered at your postal address because the duplicate ADHAAR card has the same validity and acceptable anywhere as your identity and address proof.

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The Government of India has provided its citizens with a number of legal documents like Voter's ID card, Ration Card, Pan Card etc. so, then why introduce Aadhaar card? This is because an Aadhaar card, has a very special feature. It is a 12-digit Unique Identification Code which has your biometrics i.e. the fingerprints and the eye scans on the card. This means no one can misuse or re use your card.

Aadhar card is an identification code which was introduced in January, 2009. It was introduced with the aim of providing equal opportunities to all residents of India.

In order to apply for an Aadhar Card, the following documents are required:-

  1. Identification Proof - Passport, Pan Card, Passport, PAN card, Driver's License, Photo credit card, etcs
  2. Residential Proof: Passport, Pan Card, Passport, PAN card, Driver's License, Photo credit card, electricity bills (not older than 3 months), water bills (not older than 3 months) etc
  3. Age Proof: Pan Card, Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.

A number of steps can be followed in order to apply for the Aadhar card online, but please remember an Aadhar card CANNOT be made ONLINE. This is because in order to make an Aadhar card, the applicant has to be physically present at the centre and provide his biometrics and photograph on the spot. This step makes sure that the document can never be doctored or manipulated by another person.

The following steps will give out exact details as to which steps can be taken online and which cannot.

· Look for an Aadhar Card Centre near your house. This process can be done online. Log on to the official site of UIA

  • The next step is to visit the Aadhar card centre in order to collect your free Aadhar card form. You can also download the form from the site

The form can also be downloaded through an online process.

  • The third step is to fill in the details of the form and submit at the Aadhar card centre along with the ID proof, Residential Proof and Age Proof. This will be verified along with the original documents. When the form is submitted a date is provided to the applicant. This appointment can also be booked online. Please remember, this facility is only available in a few centres. In case you are unable to book an appointment at your centre online, you will have to physically visit the centre. On this date you have to visit the centre in order to give your biometrics and photograph. This step cannot be done online, which is why the process of making an Aadhar card needs the applicant to be physically present.

· Once all the steps are complete your Aadhar card will be sent to the registered address by post. You can easily check the status of your card.

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Individuals can check aadhar card status either by using enrollment number or without using enrollment number, by using update request number or without using acknowledgement/enrollment details or by using the name, or mobile number or via India Post or by using Phone/Mobile Number Verification via online. Please contact us for further discussion at or call us on +91-8470067555

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Q: How do you get the Aadhar Card Status Online?
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How can you track an aadhar card address?

The Aadhar is a unique identification card that is given to every Indian citizen. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India.One can check aadhar status online visit aadhar card website, enter Enrollment ID/ Enrollment No., enter date & time as mentioned in the enrollment slip, Enter the security code as given in the image on the website, Finally click on "Check Status" button. Now uidai gov check your aadhaar status will be displayed on your screen. Visit:

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What is the application of aadhar card?

The application of aadhar card can be done by physically going to the AADHAAR card enrollment center.

Can you make aadhar card in Mumbai if am not resident of Mumbai?

No, you need to have an address proof to make an Aadhar card in Mumbai. You can visit any Aadhar centers for further queries.

When we will get our aadhar card?

Any citizen of India is entitled to get Aadhar Card free of cost. Aadhar Card is a Unique Identification Number issued by an Indian Government boby UIDAI - Unique identification Authority of India.

Is aadhar card accepted for passport?


i want aadhar card ?

yes u

Who implemented aadhar card?

Pranab mukherjee inaugarated it .

What is U. I. D called in Hindu?

It is called the Aadhar Card

What are the procidure to change the address in aadhar card?

You can update or modify you aadhar card data in three ways 1.) Online mode2.) Offline mode (submitting documents in post )3.) In permanent Enrollment center.Following data can be updated by above update process1.) Name2.) Address3.) Mobile Number4.) Address5.) Date of birthfollow the below process for more information

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