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If you are not in a gang for real, throwing gang signs in the wrong place or in the wrong context could get you killed. No joke. Bloods can spot a bogus wannabe, and they take offense to people who do this.

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I love the OTF
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I don’t know

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Q: How do you make the sign for bloods?
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yes, jbo did the blood sign

Are bloods and piru beefing?

actually they are because the bloods were too stupid to realize a p is an upside down b and there gang sign was direspect eventually they caught on and kicked em out. u see the sign is actually bk

What are bloods sets?

blood set is an okay sign and colors are red' black and sliver

Was kimbo slice in a gang?

dont know but he seems to be throwin the "b" (bloods sign) in a couple of videos...

Who are the Real Leader?

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Did the bloods and crips join together to make one gang?


What are some blood sets?

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How do you pronounce piru in piru bloods?

actually they were kicked out beacuz the p is an upside down b and the there gang sign is disrespect

How do you make sentence of parlay?

The Crips parleyed the idea of surrender with the Bloods.

Who are the leaders on WolfQuest?

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Will there ever be a Blue Bloods movie?

No. There is no reason to believe CBS will make a theatrical movie for their TV show, Blue Bloods. Maybe a TV movie but not big screen.

Is blue bloods by Melissa De la Cruz a movie?

no not yet but Melissa said that if someone offers to make her blue bloods seiries into a movie she would be happy to accept.