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Tip it on end and squeeze it slowly to dislodge pins

Receive money for good work!

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Q: How do you open the crestcom money puzzle?
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What exactly is Money Puzzle and what does it do?

A money puzzle is usually a three dimensional puzzle that has money hidden inside. The puzzle must be solved in order to gain access to the money. It is a clever way to give cash as a gift, for example.

How do you open the puzzle in moshi monsters?

Click on the Puzzle icon

How do you open the Turkish puzzle box?

We eat the outside of the box and after that the puzzle will fall out the box. Then we will start with the game.

Is there a Legit Puzzle Pirates Money Hack?


How do you open the Isis puZzle?

with a lot of time and effort

What do yo do if you complete the door puzzle on Astro Knights Island and the door will not open?

you have to finish the puzzle then click on the door

How do you open a mini book puzzle box?

In a puzzle box there are things that slide. Look for a side or back that slides .

What can one use from the Money Maze service?

Money Maze is a popular brand of puzzle. One can easily purchase a Money Maze puzzle on the discount retailer Amazon or from an auction site such as eBay.

How do you play Dooors?

The object of each level is to open the door and proceed through it. On all the levels besides level one, there is a puzzle to solve before you can open the door. If you solve the puzzle, then the door will open and you can get to the next level.

How do you open Mordred's door in Astro Knights Poptropica?

you do the puzzle

Professor Layton What is the answer to puzzle 122 on Diabolical Box?

Puzzle No 134: Steam Power, Location: Machine Room Answer = Open three valves, start from the middle pipe follow it left and then up open the valve, then go up - right and down then left open the valve - then go up and open the next valve you come to. Please see the Related link below for a walkthrough of puzzle No 134.

How do you get free money on moshi monsters when not a member?

The puzzle Palace