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Q: What three things puzzle Chief Dan George about his white brother?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Chief Dan George Speaks - 1974?

The cast of Chief Dan George Speaks - 1974 includes: Chief Dan George as himself

When chief Dan George said my white brother is clever than my people what does he mean by clever?

When Chief Dan George said "my white brother is cleverer than my people," he meant that white people have developed advanced technologies and systems that have enabled them to achieve great success and power in the world. He was acknowledging the intelligence and accomplishments of the white people in comparison to his own Indigenous community.

Who was the shoshone chief in relation to Sacagawea?

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The brother of Tsakakawia was called Cameahwait, chief of the LEMHI band of Shoshones. At that time there was no chief of all the Shoshone bands.

First Commander in Chief?

The first US Commander in Chief was George Washington.

What is Chief Dan George's birthday?

Chief Dan George was born on July 24, 1899.

When was Chief Dan George born?

Chief Dan George was born on July 24, 1899.

Who was America's first Commander in Chief?

America's first Commander in Chief was George Washington.

Why was Sacajawea ecstatic when she met shoshone chief?

because the chief was her brother

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What is the birth name of Chief Dan George?

Chief Dan George's birth name is Tes-wah-no.