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On July 3, 1775 George Washington was assigned the role of commander in chief of the Continental Army. He was assigned this role by the second Continental Congress of which he was a delegate representing Virginia.

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The position given to George Washington was Commander in Chief.

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Q: Position given to George Washington when the Revolution started in 1775?
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Why was accepting the position of president for George Washington a great risk for Washington?

being the commander of the first continental army during the american revolution

What happened to President Washington's position in 1793?

George Washington completed his first term and started his second term in March of 1793.

Where was George Washington in the American Revolution?

George Washington was primarily in NJ, PA, and NY during the American Revolution.

Was George Washington in the american revolution?

George Washington was primarily in NJ, PA, and NY during the American Revolution.

What rank was George Washington in the Continental Army?

George Washington was a General of the Continental Army in the 18th century, the Continental Congress later elected George Washington as the Commander-In-Chief. Making him "General George Washington Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army" he held this position through most of the American Revolution.

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Hamilton's position in George Washington's Cabinet was the Secretary of Treasury

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As far as I'm aware, The French Revolution was started by the French, not by George Washington, who was and had been the only US President at the time of the French Revolution. Unless the Americans have built a time machine.

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it was started by a colonial army led by George Washington

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It because of George Washington's leadership during the American Revolution.

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