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If you own a Pontiac Grand Prix GT 1997-2003, this is how it's done. Just beside the shifter on the console, there's a small tab that's labled "SHIFT LOCK RELEASE". Remove that tab by hand or small screwdriver. Apply brake as usual and place a small screwdriver in the hole, hold it down, and shift left handed while holding it with your right.

Your key probably won't turn back all the way to get it out if you're having this problem. The way to fix this is checking the switch on the brake pedal. It's probably out of allignment. Hope this helps.

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Q: How do you override shift lock?
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Mercedes Benz CLK will not shift out of park?

the shifter lock need to be lubed to override the shift lock press hard on the brake and move shift over to unlock and pull down this will override it but not fix it remove shift covers and lube shift lock and should be fine

Emergency Override Function Escort ZX2 for shift lock?

There should be a slot in the shfiting console to insert a small screwdriver to unlock the shift lock.

Where is the shift lock override for the 98 escort zx2?

The shift interlock release is on the side of the console. Take the plug out and insert a key into the opening. Then, shift out of park and start the car.

How do you manually release the shift interlock for 1997 Mercury Mystique?

I believe the owner's manual specifies that there is a screw on the side of the shifter that can be turned (via screwdriver) to override the shift lock mechanism.

How do you unlock shifter in 2001 Volvo V70 XC?

Press the shift lock override button next to the shifter. Make sure you push it as far down as you can.

91 prelude has a slot and a diagram of a key on the left side next to the gear lever what is this for?

Shift lock override. You have to press the brake to shift out of park and this won't work if the car's off. If the car won't start and you have to put it in neutral, etc, putting your/a key in the slot should release the lock.

What component causes my 94 Lexus SC400 to not start unless you giggle the gear shift lever?

sounds like your shift lever is not locking all the way. *the button on the drivers side (1/2inx1/8in) is the shift lock override, this could be stuck, take the trim piece off and check it.

Shift lever will not lock into a gear?

700r4 gear shift lever want lock in place

Is there a shift lock release on a 99 Pontiac grand am?

is there a shift lock relaese on a 1999 grandam se

How do you repair a 2008 Honda Accord that is stuck in park?

Find the Shifter Lock Override Slot. It'll be under a cap. Remove the cap, push down on the lever inside with a nail file or something, and shift into neutral.

What is shift lock release?

The shift lock release is usually a button on the side of a shifter. The shift lock release button needs to be pushed in before the car can be moved from Park to another gear.

Where is the Override switch for a 2002 mercury mountianeer?

tis on the end of your shift nob