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domestic tranquility is an important part of the constitution and means to have peace and order.

The man was insured domestic tranquility living in the country.

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Q: How do you use domestic tranquility in a sentence?
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What is a good sentence using the word bill of rights?

the bill of rights was established to ensure domestic tranquility

What actors and actresses appeared in Domestic Tranquility - 2013?

The cast of Domestic Tranquility - 2013 includes: Frances Gremillion

Which goal of the constitution is related to the government keeping social order by providing safety and minimizing for citizens?

ensuring domestic tranquility

How would you use tranquility in a sentence?

After a long day at work, I seek tranquility by taking a peaceful walk in the park.

Where does the constitution talk about insuring domestic tranquility?

domestic tranquility is mentioned in the preamble[the very first part of the constitution]. By: Robert Hocker

What is the meaning of domestic tranquility?

Domestic means something that exists within a certain country. Tranquility means the state of being calm and peaceful. So domestic tranquility would basically be peace and order within a certain country.

How can you use domestic in a sentence?

There was a domestic murderer in my house.

How do you use domestic in sentence?

A lion is not a domestic cat.

What is the definition for domestic tranquility?


What is the federal law that insures domestic tranquility?

One law that ensures domestic tranquility is the law that states that no one can search your house without a warrant.

What is the Insure domestic tranquility meaning?

to make or inforse it

What does domestic and tranquility mean stated in the US preamble?

Domestic tranquility in the US preamble it means that when you are in high school you must go to the principals office and have sex everyday.