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If you seriously garble a quotation, I might not even be able to recognize it.

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There was so much static on the phone, everything she said was garbled.

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Q: How do you use garble in a sentence?
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Use garble in a sentence?

Your voice is so garbled, I can't make you out.

Can you put garble in a sentence?

If you have played "telephone", you know how easy it is to inadvertently garble a message.

What is a sentence using the word garble?

The poor phone connection caused the message to garble, making it difficult to understand.

What makes the sound garble?


What makes garble sound?


What is the root word of garbled?

The root word of garbled is garble, which comes from the Middle French word "garbeler", meaning to sift or sort out impurities.

What does garble?

It means something is mixed up and hard to understand.

What symbol compares these numbers 3 fourths and 5 sixths?

The inequality symbol which is formed by the / symbol superimposed on the equality symbol. =. Unfortunately, the browser that we are required to use will garble most symbols.

What do you call a boy alien?

You refer to a boy alien as "he" or "him" just as you would a human boy, or a horse or a garble.

What rhymes with marble?

Garbling --mixing up or distorting (a message) to such an extent as to make it misleading or incomprehensiblepicking the flowers and leaves from the stems of plants; hand stripping and preparing herbs for storage

Use embalmers in a sentence?

i do not know how to use embalming in a sentence. (there is the sentence)

How would you use 'when' in a sentence?

So- you are asking when to use 'when' in a sentence. When you are asking how to use when in a question, you are already using when in a sentence, because a question actually is a sentence. I like to use when in a sentence whenever I like.