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Here is how you can use populace in a sentence, 'The presidential candidate did not appeal to the populace interests.' Populace means people living in a particular area.

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Q: How do you use populace in a sentence?
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How do you use populace word in a sentence?

Every 4 years, the populace votes in federal elections.

How do you use the word populace in a sentence?

Every 4 years, the populace votes in federal elections.

How can you use the word cosmopolitan in a sentence?

The citizens of Dallas are proud of their cosmopolitan populace.

Can you give some examples of sentence with the use of the word populace?

populace = noun [treated as sing. or plural] the general public / all the ordinary people of a particular country or area. He had the support of large sections of the local populace. The general populace are opposed to sudden change.

How do you put populace in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.The populace is mostly satisfied with the new law.The president spoke to the populace.

What is a sentence using the word populace?

The entire populace of the country was unimpressed with the politician's behaviour.

How can you use heckled in a sentence?

The speaker was heckled for his ideas that were considered ridiculous from the general populace. The crowd heckled the comedian for his bad puns.

How can I use tariffs in a sentence?

I'm not sure that the populace will sit still for yet another tax, on top of the many tariffs they're already paying.

How do I put to persecute in a sentence?

You don't need to persecute the populace any further.

What is a sentence for a word unpopular?

The new laws proved very unpopular with the populace.

What does the root word demic mean?

Greek Root: "People, or Populace". Example of use with other root - pandemic. Pan, like in panorama (wide scope) combined with demic (populace) would mean something affecting a wide scope of the populace.

What is a sentence using the words Hitler and oppression?

The populace of Germany dared not resist the oppression of Hitler's regime. Hitler and his minions were guilty of dastardly oppression.