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The man's appearance was unkempt and soiled.

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Q: How do you use unkempt in a sentence?
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How can you use the word unkempt in a sentence?

The old lady's house was unkempt and filled with garbage. His long beard and unkempt hair made him look like a vagabond.

What is a sentence with the word unkempt?

"In the morning, my hair is unkempt and difficult to comb."

A sentence with the word unkempt?

The garden was overgrown and unkempt, with weeds spreading across the flower beds.

How do you use unkept in a sentence?

Unkempt appearance led to low standards of maintenance of the other small green areas in the estate.

How do you use the word unkempt in a word?

The little stowaway's unkempt hair gave him away.

How do you use brutish in a sentence?

Carrie's father was a brutish man, large and unkempt, with none of the refined qualities possessed by most of their acquaintances.

How do you use the word disheveled in a sentence correctly?

He arrived at the meeting looking disheveled, with untidy hair and wrinkled clothes.

How do you use shunned in a sentence?

The elder shunned the child for talking out of place.

What does unkempt mean?

Unkept - not retained, not preserved, not maintained Unkempt - neglected, untidy because of neglect, disheveled (like the unkempt clothes of a tramp) Essentially, the word, unkept, is not commonly used in English.

What rhymes with unkempt?


Is there are difference between unkempt or unkept?

Unkempt is a fossilized form of the word "uncombed." It has nothing to do with kept, which is the past of keep.

Become old and unkempt?

When you become old and unkempt you let yourself go. You do not stay as clean as you could, and you wear clothes that are stylish.