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You write an if-then statement to represent what you think will happen at the end of your experiment. For example, let's say someone did an experiment on if chemicals effect plant growth. The hypothesis would be, "If chemicals contain unnatural substances that are un-earth friendly, then they will effect plant growth."

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Q: How do you write hypothesis?
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How to write a hypothesis?

to write a hypothesis is like a gusses. Here is a guide of starting the body of a hypothesis. I predict if _________ then_______ because. thats how you write a hypothesis

What can you write when your hypothesis is correct?

You write that the data supported your hypothesis.

How do you write a hypothesis on domestic violence?

well to write a hypothesis on domestic violence its simple what is the reasoni for it or is it trufull

What does construct a hypothesis mean in scientific method?

come up with and write a hypothesis

What do you do to find out if a hypothesis is correct?

You act and experiment according to your hypothesis and write observations.

Can you write a question using the word hypothesis?

"What does hypothesis mean?" "What is your hypothesis on the John F. Kennedy assassination?" "Can you come up with a hypothesis for how life is on Earth?"

Is the hypothesis before the objective?

The hypothesis is before you begin the expariment, so the first thing you should do is write down your hypothesis.

You may use the information in your conclusion to write a revised hypothesis?

Yes, you may use the information in your conclusion to write a revised hypothesis.

How do you write a hypothesis about dry ice experiment?

The answer for hypothesis is where you do your experiment and then you look back at your problem then that's when you get your hypothesis . LOL :) have a great day

Why is it important to write a conclusion to prove a hypothesis?

it is important to write a conclusion to prove a hypothesis because then you have no evidence if your hypothesis was tested or correct or not. from Rezwan Haque I.S.204 Academy Harvord. class 620

What is the purpose of an expriment?

to write a hypothesis to go with it

What do you do have to do on a hypothesis question?

You have to write what you expect is going to occur.