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competing with other groups

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Through contact hypothesis

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Q: What is a way groups gain power?
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All of the following are ways that groups gain power except A. Through peer pressure B. By competing with other groups C. Through contact hypothesis D. By having power over their members?

C. Through contact hypothesis. Contact hypothesis refers to the idea that contact between different groups can reduce prejudice and improve intergroup relations, but it is not a way for groups to gain power.

Competition with other groups and peer pressure are both examples of which of the following?

ways groups can gain power

What were the two groups in China during the cold war that were trying to gain power?

nationalist and communist

What is a Decibel power gain?

Generally power is expressed in watts. The gain is the ratio of the output power to the input power. Gain = (output power)/(input power) if the gain is expressed in terms of log(base10) it is known as Decibel power gain Decibel power gain = Log10(Gain)dB if 1milliwatt power is taken as reference then Decibel power gain = Log10(Output power/1 milliwatt)dBm

What is extending ones way of life over another people so as to gain wealth and power for the controlling power is?


How did the phoencians gain power?

the Phoenicians gain power by...answer coming soon.

How did the king's gain of power effect Europe?

how did the kiings gain of power in europe

How did some of the kings and queens of northern Europe gain power?

Kings and Queens in northern Europe were very power hungry so they would bribe their rivals with land, throw them into prison, threaten to go to war, or simply cut their heads off.

Why did the Salem witch trails take place?

Because since the "government" was losing power and the lower class or the people were starting to gain power, they wanted to find a way to gain their power back. Especially since power included: money and land which were really important at those times.

How do government leaders in china gain power?

do government leaders in china gain power

How do interest groups gain support?

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How interest groups gain support?

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