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According to the U.S. Constitution, Congress is to regulate intrastate commerce by lowering barriers to free trade among the several states. Congress is restricted to levying only excise taxes and apportioned direct taxes to the states, and is strictly barred from levying unapportion direct tax on the People. Congress is the only body that can declare war and it is strictly limited in that it may only coin money from gold and silver, no Fiat currency is allowed.

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Q: How does Congress regulate trade collect taxes declare war and coin money?
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What are some expressed powers of congress that are written?

The powers of Congress that are written into the U.S. Constitution are called enumerated powers. The powers are set in the amendment of forth in Article I.

Does the executive branch have the power to coin money collect taxes regulate trade and declare war?


What power to declare war regulate commerce and coin money are examples of?

These powers are enumerated by Article 1, Section 8 of the United Constitution. It grants Congress the ability to declare war, and the coining and regulation money

Name four power congress has?

Navy- to provide and maintain a navypost office- to establish post offices and post roadscredit- to borrow money from the U.S. national banksfederal courts- to constitute tribunals inferior to the supreme court

In the US who has the power to manufacture money and declare war?

The Congress

The power to manufacture money and declare is given to?

The power to manufacture money and declare war is given to congress.

Who has the power to collect money raise armies collect taxes?


What is congress given the power to do?

coin money and declare war.

What is Congress is given power to?

coin money and declare war.

What is congress given the power to?

coin money and declare war.

A major problem of the government under the Articles of Confederation was that the?

Congress depended on the states for men and money to support an army

Give five examples of the enumerated powers of congress as specified in Article you Section 7 of the constitution?

Congress has the power to declare war, to establish post offices, to coin money, to provide and maintain a navy, and to lay and collect taxes.