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These powers are enumerated by Article 1, Section 8 of the United Constitution. It grants Congress the ability to declare war, and the coining and regulation money

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Q: What power to declare war regulate commerce and coin money are examples of?
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5 powers delegated exclusively to the congrss?

- Declare War - Regulate Foreign and Interestate Commerce - Coin Money - Establish Postal Roads and Post Offices - Raise and support an Army


Congress has the power to:-regulate commerce with foreign nations and interstate commerce aswell as commerce with Native American tribes,-borrow money on the credit of the United States-declare war,-establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,-raise & support armies; maintain a navy.

What are some expressed powers of congress that are written?

The powers of Congress that are written into the U.S. Constitution are called enumerated powers. The powers are set in the amendment of forth in Article I.

What are the two types of powers given to the governments under the US Constitutio?

The two types of powers given to the governments under the US Constitution are: Enumerated powers: These are powers specifically listed and granted to the federal government in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. Examples include the power to coin money, declare war, and regulate commerce. Reserved powers: These are powers that are not specifically granted to the federal government and are reserved for the states. Examples include the power to establish schools, regulate intrastate commerce, and create local governments.

What is legislative branch of the national government is responsible for?

they can declare wars, make laws,they also have the power to borrow money when ever they feel it necessary, collect taxes, to regulate commerce with forgien nations,and regulate the value of money ,there is more of this but i was absecnet that day ya thats right im ten but you can find more about them in the united states constitution.

What is a power the federal government has?

Power to make war, coin money, regulate interstate commerce..

Does the executive branch have the power to coin money collect taxes regulate trade and declare war?


Where are the delegated powers found?

Delegated powers are found in the United States Constitution. These powers are specifically granted to the federal government, such as the power to regulate interstate commerce, declare war, and coin money.

The Virginia Plan that called for power to tax to regulate money to conduct foreign affairs and to regulate commerce. Who was the the architect behind the Virginia Plan?

James Madison

What are the federal governments powers?

declare war maintain army and navy coin money regulate trade between states and with foreign nations

What are the main expressed powers of our national government?

They include the power to lay and collect taxes, to coin money, to regulate foreign and interstate commerce, to raise and maintain armed forces, to declare war, to fix standards of weights and measures, and to grant patents and copyrights.

What gave the government certain powers such as the right to coin money create an army and regulate interstate commerce?

The congress