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They raise money through the people. For example taxes.

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through robbing people

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Q: How does a direct democracy raise money?
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How does the government raise money in direct democracy?

They raise money through the people. For example taxes.

How does a democracy raise money?

through robbing people

How do you feel about direct democracy?

How do you feel about direct democracy?

How does reprasentative democracy differ to direct democracy?

How does direct democracy differ from reprecentative democracy

How is a direct democracy different from a regular democracy?

Define regular democracy. A democracy is a government by the people. A direct democracy is a type of democracy.

What is Switzerland's democracy?

direct democracy

Is switerzland entirely a direct democracy?

Switzerland is not entirely a direct democracy. It is the closest state in the world to a direct democracy. Switzerland features a system of government called direct representation.

Is the difference between a representative democracy and A direct democracy?

Direct democracy is doing something by the government andrepresentative democracy is a democracy where citizens delegae authority to elect represntatives

Is democracy today in the US a direct democracy?


Was Athens a representitive democracy?

No - a direct democracy.

Was Athens a representive democracy?

NO,it was a direct democracy

What type of democracy do all citizens vote directly with no elected representatives?