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It spreads ideas and artistic styles from one society to another.

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It encourages societies to isolate themselves from their neighbors. B. It spreads ideas and artistic styles from one society to another. C. It slows the progress of technological innovation in societies. D. It allows governments to more strictly control their societies.

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Migration (human) is the movement of people from one place in the

world to another for the purpose of taking up permanent or

semipermanent residence, usually across a political boundary

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It spreads ideas and artistic styles from one society to another. - APEX.

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What did most people do for work in 1750?

Around 1750, societies were mostly rural. That means that most people were employed in farming and farming-related work.

What is the neolothic revolution?

The Neolithic Revolution, also commonly called the Agricultural Revolution, began around 12,000 BC and was humanity's transition from primarily hunter-gatherer societies to agrarian societies. It saw the emergence of the first permanent settlements, due to the lifestyle allowed by the advent of farms and food storage.

How does Unanimity affect Asch's study?

Unanimity has been shown to be very important in Asch's study. With unanimity among the stooges, there was around 35% conformity and errors. With a previous stooge breaking unanimity and giving the correct answer, this percentage was much lower. Allen and Levine have shown that this is true even if the stooge that breaks unanimity appears to have poor eyesight.

How did the battle of Trenton affect the war?

Both battles were American victories, which liberated the eastern part of New Jersey After Princeton the British retreated in their winter quarters and Congress returned to Philadelphia from Baltimore.

How does EL Nino affect the climates in the mid pacific region?

El Nino results from the wind pushing around the warm surface layer of the Pacific Ocean. Its results are generally drought and warmer weather. La Ninas alway follow, bringing cooler, wetter weather. We know that El Nino cycles have been around for millions of years because of the changes we can see in ancient rocks and fossils. In the 1800s, Central American fishermen noticed the periodic changes in the ocean temperature, and actually gave them the names, "El Nino and La Nina".

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What are some causes of cultural diffusion and how did it affect early civilizations?

Some causes of cultural diffusion was when different people traded with each other and when they moved. It affected the early civilizations because they kept spreading ideas around the world and was constantly changing other ideas.

The spread of Ancient The agricultural area cultivated in and around Mesopotamia is known as the?

cultural diffusion

What economic activity led to the cultural diffusion of the Phoenician alphabet?

The Phoenicians traded around the Mediterranean Sea, and spread their writing to the peoples there.

How do cultural practices of indigenous societies improve or diminish the environment as compared to mainstream societies?

Cultural practices of indigenous societies can often improve the environment in comparison to mainstream societies. Indigenous communities have deep connections to their land, prioritizing sustainable practices such as regenerative agriculture and forest management. They often display a strong understanding of ecological balance and the interdependency of species. However, when indigenous communities are marginalized or their cultural practices disrupted, it can diminish the environment due to the loss of traditional knowledge and the adoption of destructive practices from mainstream societies.

How did Mary Wollstonecraft influence societies and cultural around the world in the late 18th century?

She wrote one of the earliest texts promoting the ideals of feminism.

What does cultural diffusion mean?

Cultural diffusion is the spreading of ideas or products from one culture to another.Direct diffusion of culture occurs when two distinct cultures are very close together. Over time, direct contact between the two leads to an intermingling of the cultures. Historically this occurred through trade, intermarriage, and sometimes warfare because members of the various cultures interacted with each other for long periods. An example today would be the similar interest in soccer in some areas of the United States and Mexico.Forced diffusion or expansion diffusion is the second method of cultural diffusion and takes place when one culture defeats another and forces its beliefs and customs onto the conquered people. An example here would be when the Spanish took over lands in the Americas and later forced the original inhabitants to convert to Roman Catholicism in the 16th and 17th Centuries.Indirect diffusion type happens when cultural ideas are spread through a middleman or even another culture. An example here would be the popularity of Italian food throughout North America. Technology, mass media, and the internet are both playing a huge role in promoting this type of cultural diffusion around the world is the spreading of ideas or productsthe sharing of ideas through trade, travel and conflict

Which cultural habitats did our African descendants brought with them?

African descendants brought various cultural habitats with them, including beliefs, traditions, music, dance, food, language, and art. These cultural elements have deeply influenced the development of many societies around the world, contributing to diverse and rich cultural landscapes.

How did Atlantic slave trade affect societies within Africa?

It forced millions of people from their homes and transported them around the world.

How were early societies from around the world similar to each other In what ways were they different?

Early societies around the world were similar in that they relied on agriculture, developed social hierarchies, and created systems of governance. However, they differed in aspects such as cultural beliefs, technological advancements, and specific forms of government. Lifestyles were shaped by their geography, available resources, and interactions with neighboring societies.

Why does ocean centered geography explains cultural ties?

Through shared trade: even when cultures are relatively far apart, or separated by water boundaries, trade will usually occur eventually. Societies that are involved in trade invariably assume some cultural aspects of other societies.

What causes cultural change?

Political views and how a president or prime minister may want to see their country/island transform into. OR - Technology - Changing environment - New ideas - Cultural diffusion

What was the earliest and longest stage of cultural development?

The earliest stage of human cultural development is referred to as the Paleolithic period, beginning around 2.5 million years ago with the advent of stone tools. The longest stage of cultural development is the Neolithic period, characterized by the development of agriculture around 10,000 years ago leading to settled communities and the rise of complex societies.