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it makes people fell like they have something in common

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Q: How does culture unite people?
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Which culture did Alexander unite the Greek culture with?


What is a desire to unite all people with a common language race and culture under a single government?


How does language help unit the people in a culture region?

I think that languages unite the people in a culture because then they can speak to each other and make conversation they can also understand everything that the people are trying to tell each other.

Does Hinduism unite or divide Indian Culture?

yes Hinduism divides Indian Culture

What elements of American culture unite and divide us?


Do sports unite or divide people and cultures?


How did clovis use Christianity to unite his people?

he speaks to the pope to unite them

What did Gandhi do to unite his people when they fought with each other?

Gandhi went on a hunger strike to unite his people when they fought

What are some complete sentences with the word unite?

I tried to unite everybody. My cats were difficult to unite. Artie thought it was important to unite people. The artist tried to unite different techniques into one painting.

How did Alexander used religion to unite his empire?

No, he tried to use Greek culture and naked force.

When Carranza came to power he wanted to unite the Mexican people and do what?

Carranza wanted to unite the Mexican people and establish a constitution.

How might language unite people and help them to from their own country?

Language can unite people by creating a sense of shared identity and understanding. It allows individuals to communicate effectively and develop a common culture, which can lead to a sense of unity and belonging. This shared language can be a powerful tool in forming a country as it facilitates governance, education, and social cohesion.